Sunday, June 7, 2009

Those seven Days

my name is rahul . I am 16 year old and studied in the most prestigious school of town in 12th standard . I am an average student in studies but a champ in sport activities. My physique is also wonderful as I am around 6-2 inches in height with 72 kgs in weight. I am also the school captain . the good physique of mine make me bullish. As I beaten many class fellows and school mates. Even many teachers are also threaten by me. In short I can say except principal there is nobody in school whom I feared.
It was charismas holidays and our school team has to go to participate in interschool events .the events are to be held in another city and we have to stay for more than a week in a school there .we are allotted tents to live in school .two days of events pass over on the third day there is no event in which I participate so I was sleeping in my tent suddenly quarrel between two students disturb me .i woke up and saw two middle school students are shouting they must be of 8th or 9th students, I don’t know to which school they belongs .I angrily shouted on them and ask to leave the place but they didn’t hear me it make me angry so I start shouting loudly but despite any fear they start laughing on me that make me more & more angry. I suddenly grab both of them with collar and start beating .they both start weeping but I beaten them more badly.
After the incident I was busy in games for two days after that there was a rest day for me that is the sixth day of the events. I was preparing my bed for sleeping at that time a peon came to me and told that our physical instructor is calling me in badminton court .i was quiet surprise why he is calling me in badminton court as he must be busy in other events and badminton is not at all in the tournament. I was in track suit and I moved towards the court , I entered in the court and shouted ‘Sir’ but their was no reply. I moved ahead and again shouted but vein. Suddenly I saw somebody is closing the main door of court it was one of the little boy I beat two days ago. I laughed so you want to be beaten again .where is your friend? I ask he smiled and ask me to see back side. I was surprise the other boy was sitting on forearms of a girl of my age .the lady was of mine age with a hgt of 5-10 or 5-11 with a physique to die off.. I angrily ask her why she is calling me here? She shouted on me and ask why I beat these baby boys . I smiled and ask did you want to take revenge of that ? she quietly put down the boy on ground and came very near to me and say yes
I saw her slap and told her to leave quietly otherwise I have no hesitation to beat her but she grab my hand and scold it to my back and kick my butt. I was down to the ground this was the first time any body do it with me. I was quiet shocked with the power of that girl but soon I stand and grab her by neck as I have good physique I throw her using my power. She roar like a tigress truly spoken it feared me, she quickly get up and start kicking me . I have no altered despite to save myself. as I was also a bullish boy so I will not going to gave up so early so I also start kicking & punching her its help me one punch hurt her in stomach, she sat down on ground holding her stomach this is chance for me and I don’t want to waste it so I grab her from the back on neck and make her stand she was shouting due to pain but I know if I show any mercy to her she will beat me very easily. So I m not in mood to show any hesitation to beat her secondly I want to satisfy my male ego. So after grabbing her by neck I start beating her here and there, her shouts make me happy finally I put my finger in her butt . Suddenly some thing unusual happens I find her lifting me up in the air on her back she thrown me on ground. and sat on my chest and start slapping me on my face I try to stop her but she wrap her legs around me in such a manner that despite my best I am unable to move my hands. She was slapping me with both the hands with lots of abusing words. She slaps me until my whole face become red and my tears came down. She now releases me and grabs me by collar and makes me stand and said you want to see my strength. Suddenly she put both her arms rap around my body and lift me up from the ground as I m a baby boy. As she applying pressure of her hands my body starts paining I starts shouting but now her turn to enjoy.
She put her finger in my butt and do it until I start tearing. after beating me in every manner she called both and ask them to slap me until they want . the boys who are rats in front of me turns lion in presence of that girl. After the whole punishment the lady again grab me by collar and told never beat children’s other wise I will not leave you .
After the incident I saw her as winner of many sports awards as she was school captain of a near by school team and I m not alone who is underpowered by that maestro in those seven days many others also taste her power.
in other post i will tell her more stories

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