Friday, July 3, 2009

The Train Incident

This story is forwarded me by one of mine good friend manish, he is my friend on orkut. I thanks him from bottom of my heart for his huge support . this is real story being happen to his friend .

My friend was travelling in a local train from CST-Mumbai to Thane. we had 1 compartment which was divided between gents and ladies. From 8 am to 11 am it belonged to ladies and after 11 am compartment belonged to Gents. My friend got in that compartment at 11. There were few ladies at that moment But when Ghatkopar came the train got full with all the ladies. One Gujarathi girl of 25 age told him to get out of that compartment but He didnt listened to her as the train was full with ladiesand he was was enjoying the touch of all the girls around him. That gujarathi girl came to know that so she started forcing him to leave the compartment. But he was not listening. She was sitting inside. she asked him to come inside.she started giving him bad words in front of all the ladies. All the girls were laughing at him. He was in anger. He had no option and he went inside.As soon as he went in that girl gave him a tight slap just below his ears. He told me that his eyes were blacked out when she slapped him. She pulled him in by his collar. She started punching him badly. All girls were supporting her. In fact some college girls also hammered him. One college girl was so eager to hit him that she kicked him on his wrong place. He was gone. He said that he did toilet in his pants in front of all the girls. He got very ashamed but anger of that girl is not cooled and now she grab him from neck and lifted him almost from ground and He was pushed out of train. Lucky for him no police was involved in this. He still remembers this incidence and he said that girls are very strong.

Again thanks manish for giving huge support to strong girls of india three cheers for u hip-hip –hurrah

Seema tiwari

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