Saturday, August 29, 2009

nice situations

1)a person gets in a bus founds lady driver and lady counducter
2)A man is tease by women goes to police station finds a lady inspector
3) A men on cycle is accidented by women riding a bike
4)A female thief looted male inspector or a female cops beat a male thief
5) Wife take her husband on ride with two kids on her new bullet

1 comment:

  1. nice thoughts
    1.there r not such an stupid
    a.remain silent after teased by women
    b.go to pulice station after tht
    2.what a nice situation number 3
    i think u do the same
    beware of such accident according to my experience
    3.point 4 is most ridiculous
    she admires a lady thief as she want to b a lady thief in her life