Saturday, August 29, 2009

strong indian girl-3

its was pleasent morning .the mall was full with customers ,every body is busy suddenly security official poonam hear a noise aroud a stall, she saw two guys are teasing a salesgirl and girl is shouting .their are many other people but due to strong physique of both guys they are afraid to say something. poonam interfear inbetween and ask guys to leave the counter on imediate basis but the guys start laughing on her , as she too have good physique and a strong heart so she warn them again but they start teasing the sales girl in front of her so she punches both the guys the guys fell down before they can stand up more security officials come and they throw the guys form the mall. the guys warn poonam that they will not leave her , so she slap one and kick the butt of another . the guys run down.
in the evening she leave for her home on her new pulsar 180 , she saw that a tata safari is following her so she turn her bike towards the forest area , the guys is safari doesnt understand her motto so they further start following her as she reaches in deep forest she stops her bike in side
the tata safari soon stops near her and 10 guys come down from it all are taking hockey stick , she soon tight chuni of her suit and get ready to fight . before the guys understand anything she attack them , she start beating them very badly however all the guys have good height and physique but poonam alone prove to be beeter them all together.soon they understood that they put their hands in snake's house so they start running towards the car but poonam grab the two guys who came in mall . the other guys run in tata safari.
the guys witness in mense power of her so they took her feet to save them from her anger, she ask them to stand and told them she will not beat them any more but they neat punishment so that they dont repeat the mistake again . then she start checking their pockets she took mobiles and all the money , she also took off the gold chain and ring wears by them . she now took a ciggret paket from her purse and start smoking and ask the guys to lick her chappals untill she smoke.both the guys are in do or die situation so they start serving the mistress .after that she ask them to turn off thier cloths , she burn them .they are in underwear now .
she now light another ciggret and make a mark on butt of both then she told them they are around 10 km out from city and thier is no phone and no money with them and your cloths are taken by me so you have to cross the forest by walking . ahe laughed a louder and told that this is your punishmeny and the cigrett mark will ever let you remember not to do mistake again.