Saturday, August 8, 2009

strong indian girls -2

this story is send to me by one of orkut friend i cop paste it as it was send

My name is raghav 24 years old with a 5-9 hgt and wgt 72 kg, i got married 6 months back with malti she is 5-4 in hgt with average physique.we both are software professionals and live in banglore.we both lives alone and there is no other family member
i use to watch t.v for late night and one day a got asleep on sofa as i do it also before marrige but on that day when i wake up i find myself on the bed , i got confuse as i think i was mistaken i have no doubts on malti because her physique doesnt aloow her to lift a gaint male like me.the incident happens to me for many times in a month so i decide to clear doubts in my mind.
one day a cricket match is coming up i use to watch it and after the match ended i use to create a drama that i was sleeping after around 1 hour malti come near to me wering sky blue nighty and shut the t.v then she tied her hairs and now she put her one hand below my neck and another below my legs and in a moment she lifted me from sofa to her arms i was shoked , i didnt belive myself but this is true , i feel high exictment in my body but dont open my eyes because of two reason, one i feel shame second i thought she stops lifting me.
on the next day i ask her that i was sleeping on sofa how i arrived on bed ?
she smiled and replied how i know?

seema now you tell whether i share her strenght or be quietly enjoy her power?

friends this story of orkut friend please send suggestion to him

strong indian girls
seema tiwari


  1. Even i had a similar experience!I am like 5'9 and weigh around 70 kg. Girlfriend of mine is around 6'2 inches but weigh just 58kg.She is slim,fair and has feminine structure.She never once complained abt being with a shorter guy and was full of love.Once when we went to a beach we saw a man cradling his wife and swirling and having fun.I decided to do it to my Gf and she agreed.I did it for around five min and became tired.She just laughed and asked whether i would allow her to lift me.I laughed hystericlly saying how can a woman lift a man?.believe me,before i finish my laughter i was off my feet.She like cradled me upto her shoulders with ease and held me like this for five min.Then she swirled for some time.I really cant how many ways she lifted many?front carried,piggybacked and i sat on her legs with her balancing with aleg.I did not touch the ground and was in air for abt an hour and she did not once sweat or struggle or found it hard!She said like i am feeble to her and she was always strng from her young age.Believe me she had lifted both her mom and dad on one shoulder each at 16.And from that day onwards when we both go for a walk only a pair of legs walked.I love to be in her arms and she loves lifting me.And she never complains because she wants to make me happy always.we r in true love really

  2. Good to have such a strong girlfriend. Can you post some pictures?