Wednesday, October 21, 2009


after a long time i meet my chemistry teacher miss priya. she was my favorite teacher in school time .however she was very young at that time only 22 just 6 years older than average 12th standard student like me. i was just 26 now so she must me be 32 .
she ask me to join her on tea at her home .we soon reach her home . it was well decorated two room flat , she leaves alone their as she didn't marry till now.she ask me to sit in drawing room and she moves towards kitchen . she came with two cups of tea and start talking me after some time i ask mam you live alone here dont you fear?
she smiled and reply no ,why she fears?
i replied i lady alone? some body do any thing wrong.
she laughed and put her hand on table in arm wrestling position and ask you try.
i shocked but put her hand but she is really too strong and down my hands in seconds.
i show her huge biceps as i also do regular gym but she is really strong .
after few minutes i ask her that i am leaving now but meet her later
she said : o.k
she moves towards me and hugged me but after a second i realize i was hanging in air. i wght more 90kgs but she quietly lifts me between her hands .
i told her mam i know you are too strong please put me down.
she said : you don't know my power and start applying power of her hands on my body , i suppose to have good muscular body but it seems quiet weak to her.
she leaves me after few minute and ask me whether somebody do anything wrong with me ?

hey friends what should i say?
you told her

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