Thursday, May 13, 2010

polio booth

i was sitting at polio booth , a tall lady around 6ft tall wearing red suit came towards me and ask that my son is sitting their can you came with me to provide vaccine to him i said sure mam.i take the drops and marker ink and start following her after 3 or 4 shop i saw a man with broken ankle was sitting on royal enfield bike on pillon seat and a child of 15-16 months in his hand i put drop in his mouth and put mark on his nail and said ok.the lady thanks me i turned around to go back suddenly a roaring sound of bullet is heard in my ears i put my head back and saw the lady was sitting on riders seat and kick start the bike . she put bike in gear and turned it back and soon i saw her moving away from my eyes . oh my god what a scene it was .
i tried to find her many times in that locality but all is waste of time.

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