Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lady Truck Driver -1

vijay, a 24year guys lives in a village of Madhya Pardesh , he is a truck driver and recently purchase his on truck on bank installments. he has one brother ajay 14 and sister neha 13 and mother in his family.
one day while returning to his village vijay saw a young girl riding bullet entered in the village the girl wearing black color suit salwar with black glasses hairs are tied . however vijay saw many girls and women riding bikes including bullet many time but this was first time he saw one in his own village he ask chunky, his helper (in truck) to inquire about the girl while he was reaching home.
after some time chunkey came and
Chunkey: she is karate teacher
vijay : But in our village there is no karate school
Chunkey: Ya she is working with some NGO and the same is arrange classes for teenager girls on self defense.which will end in month and this is 5th day
vijay : oh as we are out of town that why ?
vijay call his mother and inquire whether his sister going to karate class or not?
after know that his sister also attends the class he reaches to the class which are held in government school .
IN the school play ground he saw the beautiful girl shows skills to learning girls. he died on the beauty of lady and start loving her at first sight.he saw her bullet bike was parking outside the ground . an idea was gathered in her mind he punctured her front Tyre as he know the only shop for repairs is around one km away and its hard for any lady to get their , he will stand nearby and ask her for help and she will accept the same.
NOW after doing puncture the Tyre he stand side by and waiting for her . after 30 min she came outside and see the Tyre and hit it.
lady : OH my god
vijay : what happen
lady : did any repair shop near by
vijay : ya one outside the village around one kms
lady : O.K
vijay : may i help you
lady : no thanks
vijay : it will be hard for you to take this heavy bike so long
lady: don't worry i will manage
vijay : don't worry i will help you
but lady sits on bike and kicked it up and bike roars on single attempt.
vijay: tube will gone
lady smiles and say no
now what vijay saw is unbelievable for him the lady wheelie the giant bike and bike start running on back Tyre only . the girl is really strong .
vijay follow her until he can
next day the talk of girl is on the mouth of every body
vijay also came to know that this girl beats four men single handed on the first day to show her power as they are disturbing her during her classes .
now vijay also get feared

to be cont:
this is work of fiction Idea suggested by one of my fan
who is the girl? what is her name?
will vijay be able to get close to her?
where is lady truck driver( the title)?
read next part to know these questions


  1. hey seema u r awesome yaar. wht an fandastic story it is,how u think such way,
    when will u release second part
    pls do soon..

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