Friday, August 26, 2011

rainy days

i was on the my way on my bike returing to home in the night suddenly rains start falling so i decide to stop near i small shed which i saw on the road near a shop. a couple with 3 children as also stops due to rain , the man is around 40 and so is her wife they have three children two boys around 10 and 12 while a girl around 8 . both husband and wife are too tall taller to my 5-9 structure .
during conversation the man told me that he has to go a town which is 30 kms away from their , after a short conversation we realize that rains go slow down so its better to move ahead . the man has brand new pulsar 220 while i have honda unicorn . i start smoking while he get ready to go. whole family goes near the bike but to open my eyes the lady sits on the rider seat i am completely in shocking stage as the lady sited near to me is bike rider . she is just a middle age women who totally looks villager and its hard to belive that she can ride bike like pulsar 220.
mean while whole family adjusted on bike the lady on rider seat , elder son on fuel tank two other in between and man at end , i rushed towards my bike to follow her but she started her bike and go away . i too started and follow her but she was really too fast as she disappears within frictions of seconds and i was unable to catch her.


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