Monday, May 29, 2017


In previous two parts you read how vijay , a truck driven fallen in one side love with karate teacher but unable to talk her , later she saves his life now continue.

As vijay was injured he was resting in home , he heard sound of bullet that mean the lady is came  , it is right , she came inside and inquire about his health and hand over his wallet to him , she further told that the wallet was fallen on ground when he was injured but she forgot to handover it to his family members .

vijay thanks her once again and tell it was her power and ability that saves his life otherwise any thing can happen to him that day, she smiles and say that ok  , everyone has ability in some field as she was good in bike riding and karate , he is good in some other things.

In the meanwhile , vijay ask , mam if you dont mind , i want to know about you, means your name?

she replied my name is seema.............seema tiwari
vijay again ask mam how are you so strong ? i mean girls are deemed to weak ?
seema replied its not matter of sex, it does not depend whether you are male or female but its depends on your state of mind , she said further , i was only child of my parents and i use to learn karate from my childhood , when i grow younger i lost my parents in an accident , people trying to take advantage of mine so i convert my self into a lady of steel , now people hesitate to mess with me .

tears start rolling from eyes of vijay , seema saw it and came near to him and ask , hey man why are you crying?

vijay replied , i too have the same story i lost my dad at the age of 12 , and uses to serve as helper to truck drivers to help my mother , from there i learn truck driving and now i buy this truck on installments

after a silence seema ask vijay , would you help me in one thing ?
vijay : why not? but is he capable to help her?
seema : yes you can , i want to learn truck driving, i have drive many types of vehicles but never drive truck , i want to tame this giant vehicle
vijay : sure mam , you can easily do it
seema : did you see any lady driving truck?
vijay : no but i hear from fellow truck drivers about lady truck drivers , there are some very trained lady truck drivers too, they manage to drive on risky hilly roads also
seems : thats nice

vijay told her that , he have to go deliver some consignment after 10 days and it will take more than 15 days to come back , if she wants she can join him .

seema was ready for it

now what is going to happen
did love story of vijay and seema is in the air?

Saturday, May 27, 2017


friends in previous part you read about vijay fallen in love with a bullet rider girl at first sight , she is karate teacher and strong inf to tackle any sitution whole night vijay is dreaming about that lady and in the morning he arranges motorcycle of his friend so that he follow the lady in evening , she came on the right time on her giant bike wearing red suit that day, she has to die looks , vijay roam whole day around the school and in the evening , when she start the bike , he start following her however his efforts gone vein as he was only able to follow her till village limits as soon as she reaches on highway road , vijay has no match to her , she speed up her bullet and gone away. vijay tried his luck next couple of days also but he was unlucky , after that day he has to take some consignment in his truck which will take more than ten days to come back . he was very upset and pray god to help him. after ten days when he came back , he inquire his sister neha about her karate class as his purpose is something else,the little girl told that classes are fine but her teacher is replaced , its was shocking to him , he ask why ? to which the little girl has no reply. after few days when he was returning to his village in his truck , the front Tyre of his truck got puncture and he stop side by to replace it suddenly four men on two motorcycle stops near to him and ask for money and other things from him and on his refusal they start beating him , he tried his best to tackle but he cant suddenly he saw that bullet lady was passing , he start shouting for help , the lady stops and parked her bike aside , she was wearing black tight jeans with black top at that time , she jumps all four without taking any time and none of them was match to her abilities and within few minutes she put down all four and came near to vijay, his heart start pumping very high vijay try to stand but his body was injured very badly that he cant , he tried again but before he fall again the lady supported her, he himself was a strong man but he found her much stronger then him , she suddenly cradle him in her strong arms and make him sit on her bullet bike and take him to doctor , after treatment she told him that she has called her family members , he was surprise that she remember him. the lady smiles and reply she also remember how he puncture her bike Tyre and how he try to follow her so you know all things he ask , why you not scold me ? she replied i ignore it as your first mistake and many people try to follow me daily so how many i beat ? mean while family members of vijay arrived , they praise the lady for her help whats the name of lady? where is lady truck driver? TO BE CONTINUE.....................

Thursday, May 25, 2017


MY name is rajiv and recently after passing my 12th , i got admission in a prestigious engineering college and i accommodate my self in college hostel.i was fascinated to a new thing that is women riding motorcycles , as i was a guy from smaller town and in our remote areas it is rare to see any girl or lady riding geared bike or scooters , a few is just seen riding gear less Scottie , so with out wasting time i post details of rider girls in my college PALLAVI ARYA -- she is our lecturer , she always uses her splendor plus to came in college , she was my first fbr sight in the college. she seems quiet confident in riding ANITA GHOSH------ she is in security staff of college, she is very tall but have villager looks , she uses the giant bullet for her traveling purposes , she has strong built and high pinch voice , i think she can easily beat two or three man alone , bullet is perfect match to her personality. AARTI JHA-------- she is fresher like me and is in our class only , she is not a regular rider on daily basic she use to came on her activa but whenever she gets chance she get her brothers honda cbz , she is cool rider PRABHA JAIN----- she is short in height but uses HONDA ENTICAR , she is senior to us and one of my friend told me that she is very fast rider , once he tried to follow her but she is very fast. NEHA KAKAR---------she is another bullet girl , she is just second year student but she is too confident rider , she use stand bullet on center stand , she is a really a worth to watch rider SUMAN GAUTAM----- she is also from 2nd year but her sister nisha is in our class , she have her own passion pro, she is very slim girl when anybody saw her in first cant believe that she can ride bike but she can ANU GOYAL--------- she is 3 year senior to me and rides pulsar 180 , she is the one whom i roam as pillion and from that experience i can say that she is fantastic rider there are lots of another girls in college , who rides motorcycles but these are my favorites

Sunday, May 7, 2017

mini bullet bomb - part II

read for previous part Sohan still cant believe that his brother married to such a short height dark complexion women, however he has no another way . after few days he directly asks his brother rohan that why he marry this women? she is no match for him and he should deserve more better life partner. rohan smiles and said yes brother you are right we are no match but actually she deserve far better life partner sohan confused as what the magic that no body is ready to hear bad words about that lady? but he continue and ask rohan what is the quality is this lady? and laughs don't go to her complexion brother replied rohan and further elaborate firstly when our engagement done i too was confuse whether to marry her or not but this incident make muy confusion clear rohan start narrating the incident our engagement was done by fire incident , as we didn't get any time for knowing each other , so once she call me and asks to meet outside the village but as you know i never use to go alone outside the village so i refuses but her assurance about my safety and my eagerness to meet her make me ready to i was waiting for her , i saw her coming on motorcycle i was in unbelievable situation however i sitted as pillion to her . we move ahead and she took me to a strange land . we stop there for talking and knowing each other and after one hour conversation i make my mind that she is perfect for me . we then further moves to city and start enjoying our day .we went for movie , then lunch and enjoy some shopping also . while we are returning to home , a bike suddenly crosses us and snatch gold chain from a women's neck on seeing this your bhabhi too speed up bike and start chasing the robbers and after few meter she hitted their bike so they fall down . it is really unbelievable , robbers got arrested and she got praise from public and police. hmm mm exclaimed sohan rohan smiles and says story doesn't end brother but starts now robbers are actually on two bikes and all of us think that they are only on one bike , when the other saws that there friends are captured , they call more to take revenge from us . as we are moving ahead towards village six bike with two or three men taking hockey sticks , chains and iron rods start following us , in total they were 15 men , my heart came to my mouth but she is really calm and speed up the bike , the goons also do the same , but, suddenly she moved her bike in the strange road , i puzzled what is in her mind ? after moving 2 kms she stop. i shouted they are going to kill us , she ask me to hide somewhere .but before i can they reached . i piss off in my pants and start weeping loudly. they start laughing high and says baby piss off hahahahahaahaahaha your bhabhi come ahead and says don't mess with him talk to me a big built come ahead and says don't worry bitch we are going to rape and kill both of you and suddenly lift me by neck single hand on seeing this she jumps and hit him on head, the punch is really hard , he shouted with cry and throw me . with in frictions of seconds all of them rushes towards her but she is well prepare, she start hitting them with punches and legs , goons too hitting her with chains and hockey stick but it seems that her body is made of steel after 15 minute fight i saw all the goons lying down and she smiles loudly. i rushed towards her and hug her and found my self lifted above the ground but this time in with love and passionate , our lips got locked. she now takes hockey stick and order all of them to stand in line , they do it obediently and start hitting their ass with hockey stick and announces that she will hit until they all piss off in their pants , they all do the same in 5 mins . now she ask me to puncture all of their bikes after that she ask them to be nude totally nude , they doesn't reply but hit ass of that big goons they all obeyed now we move with taking their cloths sohan laugh louder and say brother your story is nice but i don't think she is really strong rohan just replied one days you know bro. that she is bomb of strength in fact MINI BULLET BOMB