Thursday, June 25, 2009

Long Drive

It was pleasant Sunday after the whole day rest we three friends anand , madhav and me ashok decided to go on a long drive on the highway. Madhav was driving the car we took some beers and a light music is going on. We are enjoying and moving on a average speed suddenly a bolero driving by a girl passes us . the driver girl looks to be in her early thirties with an average look suddenly madhav speed up the car and start following as it was around 10 o clock in night so road is very clear and have low traffic.
After a chase of few kilometer she slow down her car and let us pass we stop few meter ahead and decided to follow her . After few seconds we saw her passing our car than again we start following her. She slow down again and let us go but this time we slow down the car near to her and start teasing her. She races her car to go ahead but this time we runs parrel to her. Suddenly she brakes her car in the side and stop their and wait for us to go. But I and anand step out from our car and reach to her and start misbehaving her. She kept her eyes close in the mean while madhav park our car in such a manner that her car can’t move.
Suddenly she also step down from her car and ask us to move our car so that she can go, we all start laughing and start assaulted her physically. In response she grab me by collar and slap me before I could do anything she pushed me down to the road in the meanwhile my both friends grab her hands but she pushes them back to free her hands in between I got up and rushes towards her but she kicked me on my face I fallen again, she ran towards madhav now and start kicking him in between anand attacked her but she start punching him on his stomach and face
However we are three and all are boys and are much taller and broder than her but she quiet easily beat all of three at a time after 15 minute beating by her we all three are lying on road suddenly she came near to me and put her one hand on my chest and other between my legs and lifted me overhead and throw me near to my friends. Her physique doesn’t look that she is so strong but she is quiet strong really too strong.
She moves towards her bolero and we all think that hurricane was over but we are wrong she put down a hockey stick from it seeing this we all gather total our strength and start running but it was not enough to escape from her anger she easily capture all of us and beat very badly with the hockey stick. Eac one of us got some fractures after satisfying herself from beating us. She broke all the glasses and lights of our car then she move towards her car and takes out a cigarette from it and smoke it and laugh at us then she drives her car and go.
After sometime we are in stage of uncounsisness , we don’t know what more happen to us on the next morning we found ourselves in hospital .in the afternoon doctor told us that police wants to take our statements so we three decide to create a story that 6 thief’s beaten us as story by beaten by a girl single handed make fun of ours . When police constable comes we told him that we are going on highway suddenly a bolero with six persons hits our car. As arguing going on they start beating us and broke our car. After taking signature constable moves. In the evening police inspector meet us and told senior officers wants to meet us and enquire about the incident as they are not satisfy with the statement .
In the evening when we saw senior officer she was the lady, the same lady who beaten us badly in night .she came near to ask about our wellness and enquire about the incident we repeat all the things we told earlier to constable .the lady asked with a source of command that if we want to change our statement then it is last chance.
We say no to that she order all the police mans to get out from the room as she wants to talk us alone, after room was vacant she laughed and told us not to mess with any women. she also told she enjoy beating and us and wants to meet again .
After she moves from the room I found that my underwear got wet due to her terror.

The end
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Seema tiwari


  1. Yet another marvelous piece Seema.... what a portrayal of bravery!!!!! her kicks were simply amazing.... the turning point was when she revealed as the police officer... great going....

  2. do u girls b happy by only making such continuous fake stories
    i suggest once try to beat a single guy alone
    it would b a better experience