Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mini Bullet Bomb

Sohan was quiet excited as he was returning home after two whole year . he was working with some construction company in dubai. He was more eited to meet her bhabhi , wife of her brother rohan.he and rohan was twins but rohan is very coward since childhood however he was quiet bold . rohan never rides bicycle even girls threaten him in school .so his mother never ready to sent him alone out of town .however it is quiet nice he got married and now happy.
Sohan as soon as reaches the home is quiet eager to his bhabhi so he ask his brother and mother to call her. As the lady appears the whole happiness of sohan goes because his bhabhi is no match to his brother .his brother is good in complexion however the lady is dark in color with short height. he was amazed how his parents and brother ready for the marriage.
In the night he ask the same question to his mother that why she married his brother to such a girl. she keep for minutes and after a long cold breath she replied because she is the the right one for your brother . sohan ask how? She replied because she is brave girl and save life of your whole family. sohan speechless hearing his mother . she further told once three of us go to near by town to attend a marriage party and stay their in a near by dharmashala (motel) . the motel is old type and mainly constructed of wood only . we all are sleeping and a fire is caught out we all three me , your father and brother was trapped in fire and there no way to escape and you know how coward is your brother he start weeping . we all thinking of god suddenly a miracle was happen somebody enter in room breaking backside door and lifted me over the shoulder and took me out of the danger and with in seconds bring down all three in same manner . after such a shocked situation when we calm down we saw the one who save us is woman not a man .
What ? sohan puzzled . the short lady lifted all you on her shoulder I cant believe.
Mother without hearing him narrate further that she was daughter of dhramsala manager and she is not married due to her complexion. We know that nobody is going to married their daughter to our rohan due to his coward ness so she seems to perfect for your brother as she overshadow the problem of your brother
Sohan stand up by saying that she doesn’t believe her mother
His mother hold his and said believe me , she is mini bullet bomb

to be cont........................

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