Friday, September 18, 2009

Female bikers

my name is amit and i am computer profesional living in new delhi. i am great fan of female bike riders however i myself is good rider and have own bike but despite that i like girls ride bike.i going you to narrate one day experience when i see more than 15 female riders.

As i was on the way of my office in nehru palace i saw a middle age women riding a splendor i start following her , her riding shows that she is good rider but on a red light she takes a right turn while i have to go left , as i move ahead on my way i saw a couple of girls on passion + wearing jeans, i start following them suddenly their bike stops on a college and i move ahead as i reaches near my office i saw a lady of 30 something on bull(bullet), she is of sikkim type girl she rides mystro very easily . she soon reaches in nehru palace and park her bike in parking area i also park my bike in same parking area . i saw her big biceps and thigs with short frame of body.soon she moves forward i try to follow but my boss meets me inbetween.

we reaches office , my boss gave me list of client to whom i have to attend. so i move forward suddenly i saw a women riding a yamaha fz with a man sitting as pillon she was really very fast i try to follow her but she is very fast and i am unable to follow her, soon i reaches on my first client house and after satisfy him . when i came outside i saw a girl of sixteen is trying to learn bike she is riding cd deluxe.

i move ahead and a saw three women passes me on black colour pulsar 150 , i start following them the rider woman is very tall and looks like a villager women .she is wearing orange color suit , the other womens are too slim for her. i follow them for more than 8 kms suddenly they are stoped by police van and i have to move ahead.

my second client is a school means i have to attend a school computer lab . as i reaches i meet kalpana mam, alady with very bad face and nature , it took me more than to hours to solve their problem, in the mean time school is over the lady stays their because of me . as i came outside with her i saw she is moving towards a cbz standing in porch and she kick starts it in seconds and go away . i also came to my bike and start it and saw for the lady but she goes away.
i stops near a food stall and takes a burger and coke suddenly a couple comes their on their yamaha fiero and take some food stuff but when they moves the scene changes the lady tooks the front seat and the man sits at pillon .
i move ahead suddenly a saw a lady on bajaj ct 100 with one child on fuel tank while other on back seat i follow her but she is quiet low soons she moves in house and i flwy away suddenly i saw a lady inseptor rides pulsar 180 on very high speed i took my bike to follow her but her speed is too high and i was unable to match her so i slow down.
now i was on the way to attend my last client, she is lady and she engage in life insurance buisness. as i reaches her office she told me that her computer is on some other place so i have to go their so she came with me downstairs and ask that she will take her own vehicle so that i will go directly from there . i think she must have some car, but to my surprise she put keys in a tvs victor and start it and ask me to follow her . the place is aroud three km from there and i follow her upto there. after solving her problem i call my boss that i satisfy all three clients and i am going to my home . it was 6 o clock at that time.
i moved towards i saw the rare of the rarest scene a old woman aroud 50 is riding rx100 with a guy sitting as pillon amazing i start following that lady she is little slow but a very good rider. she moves into a house and i was standing near a tree suddenly saw a tom boy type girl riding hunk she is brillant rider however not riding the bike to its capacity but she is good rider.
i was just few km from my house and standing on red light suddenly saw a lady on eliminator. i have inuf time to reach home so i start following her. i must say she is not a good rider she rides very slowly and stops when she sees heavy traffic . so i stop following her and move towards home .i was on the red light sees a girl with a old man sitting as pillon riding kinetic velocity but she is in opposite direction so its impossible to follow her. when i reaches home i start counting and i was amazed that i saw 15 female bike riders in a day it seems quiet impossible . but the day was great as the counting is going to increase as my cousine sister kalpana cames on her karizma to meet me
so it 15+1 = 16
wat a great guy i am?


  1. Awesome story! Thanks so much for posting it!

  2. Amit - gr8 day 4 u !

    my best experience following:
    On Sunday afternoon I arrive at restaurant to eat. I walking from my car. In parking lot I see woman arriving on big motorcycle and parking. She take helmut off and very pretty. Small body frame.

    I get courage and walk to her. I say - nice day to ride bike. She smile and say yes. Now I get courage to say - it will be mine pleasure to treat you lunch.
    I am fully expecting the lady to say - no thanks. I could'nt believe - she was surprised by offfer. But says - sure.

    She said - give me minute. She look in motorcycle mirror and set her hair. She take off her long leather boot and wear lady heel. She got these from her motorcycle saddlebag. She also putting lipstick. She saying - good restaurant and need to look decent.

    Internally - i am in total happiness. Wat a joy. She walk with me to restaurant.

    I ask her lots of question on motorcycle riding. She answer patiently. Her name is Gauri (changed to protect her real name). Gauri getting lot of call on her mobile during meal. She is manager at local company. 27 years age. Some are business calls. Also SMS - she wrote to her sister - having lunch with awesome guy.

    I am pinching - am I alive or am I dead and this is haven. Gauri also know two waiter in restaurant and one manager. Gauri come here before. Restaurant provide very nice service.

    We spend 2 hour for lunch. Also eat sweet dish in the end. When it is time to leave - Gauri allow me to get on her motorcycle. I feel the power of the big motorcycle. Still in parking lot. I say - "I feel like king".
    Now she get ready to leave. Gauri says long drive for her.

    As Gauri put motorcycle leather boots (long) on - now I notice she wear black satin shorts (nicker) and matching top. Wow - this is first thing i notice narmaly but today my mind thinking so many things.

    Gauri say - thank you. I enjoy the lunch. I say it is my pleasure and ask for hug. I enjoy the warm hug for at least 30 seconds.

    I then walk to mine car and see her drive away. Gauri truly is a goddess on motrocycle. I decide on that day - do all u can to encourage more ladies to riding. So - we appreciate man - have more such goddess to share.