Wednesday, October 21, 2009

girl riding tractor

There is a small village in M.P named radhikapur . The village is so backward even basic needs like water and electricity is not there. Once a pregnant lady in that village fall ill and the local doctor in village told the family members that they should take her to hospital in city on immediate basis otherwise she will die. The family members ran towards house of kishan as he is only tractor owner in the village but as they reaches the home they find that kishan was out of home for few days and nobody in village knows driving tractor. The villagers start gathering and start whispering that what will happen know?. Suddenly a boy start shouting that kavita the daughter of krishan can also drive tractor. The villagers do not believe him. As how can girl of sixteen can ride tractor but few other boys confirm them.
The family members sees a light of hope so they called kavita and enquire her about the boys talking as she confirm that she drive tractor with her father they ask her to start tractor . She soon start the giant vehicle and many people sits with the lady. Soon tractor crosses the village and enter on road , the girl was riding confidently while on road many people see the rare to watch scene soon tractor start racing as it was on flat road. She starts crossing many trucks and other vehicle. Soon tractor reaches in city limits, lots of traffic was their but there is no sigh of terror on the face of confident lady she continue moving ahead. Suddenly some body shouts that see a girl riding tractors many people stand on shops , some use their mobiles to take snap of the girl
The tractor reaches to the hospital after a long journey of 30 kms , the lady soon admitted to emergency , doctor told them if it take more long the lady will die. Soon the lady gave birth to a girl child , her father soon named her kavita . to show the respect to the girl who saved his wife.

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