Monday, April 24, 2017

chasing a female rider

my name is vineet and i am a great fan of female bike riders . if i see any female rider i try to follow them.
once i was on my way i saw a girl of 20-22 was coming on bike with a older lady sitting on back seat , the girl wearing a blue jeans with white t-shirt , her hairs are well tied , she is wearing black glasses . the scene is one of my favorite and i decide to follow her . as she was coming from opposite direction , i turned my bike and start following her , she soon gets into a petrol pump for petrol . i wait for her near few meters soon i realize that she is riding on very slow speed i thought she may be learner as she passes me after few minutes and than i start following her i running my bike very slow but easily manage to pass her . i was upset for such a poor female riders . soon the bike reaches to a colony and stops near a house , the lady came down and ask girl that ride slowly and savely and make a call when you reaches home.
soon the girl start the bike and roar the engine she was riding at slow speed until she passes the colony and now she is on highway suddenly i fell a very difference in her speed . the bike is running high and high i also speed up my bike to follow her soon i realize i was on very high speed i saw the meter it was showing 90kph but still i was unable to pass the girl thats means she was riding with more speed .i realize one or fellow riders are also trying to follow her but all vein. moral of story :- never underestimate lady riders

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