Sunday, May 7, 2017

mini bullet bomb - part II

read for previous part Sohan still cant believe that his brother married to such a short height dark complexion women, however he has no another way . after few days he directly asks his brother rohan that why he marry this women? she is no match for him and he should deserve more better life partner. rohan smiles and said yes brother you are right we are no match but actually she deserve far better life partner sohan confused as what the magic that no body is ready to hear bad words about that lady? but he continue and ask rohan what is the quality is this lady? and laughs don't go to her complexion brother replied rohan and further elaborate firstly when our engagement done i too was confuse whether to marry her or not but this incident make muy confusion clear rohan start narrating the incident our engagement was done by fire incident , as we didn't get any time for knowing each other , so once she call me and asks to meet outside the village but as you know i never use to go alone outside the village so i refuses but her assurance about my safety and my eagerness to meet her make me ready to i was waiting for her , i saw her coming on motorcycle i was in unbelievable situation however i sitted as pillion to her . we move ahead and she took me to a strange land . we stop there for talking and knowing each other and after one hour conversation i make my mind that she is perfect for me . we then further moves to city and start enjoying our day .we went for movie , then lunch and enjoy some shopping also . while we are returning to home , a bike suddenly crosses us and snatch gold chain from a women's neck on seeing this your bhabhi too speed up bike and start chasing the robbers and after few meter she hitted their bike so they fall down . it is really unbelievable , robbers got arrested and she got praise from public and police. hmm mm exclaimed sohan rohan smiles and says story doesn't end brother but starts now robbers are actually on two bikes and all of us think that they are only on one bike , when the other saws that there friends are captured , they call more to take revenge from us . as we are moving ahead towards village six bike with two or three men taking hockey sticks , chains and iron rods start following us , in total they were 15 men , my heart came to my mouth but she is really calm and speed up the bike , the goons also do the same , but, suddenly she moved her bike in the strange road , i puzzled what is in her mind ? after moving 2 kms she stop. i shouted they are going to kill us , she ask me to hide somewhere .but before i can they reached . i piss off in my pants and start weeping loudly. they start laughing high and says baby piss off hahahahahaahaahaha your bhabhi come ahead and says don't mess with him talk to me a big built come ahead and says don't worry bitch we are going to rape and kill both of you and suddenly lift me by neck single hand on seeing this she jumps and hit him on head, the punch is really hard , he shouted with cry and throw me . with in frictions of seconds all of them rushes towards her but she is well prepare, she start hitting them with punches and legs , goons too hitting her with chains and hockey stick but it seems that her body is made of steel after 15 minute fight i saw all the goons lying down and she smiles loudly. i rushed towards her and hug her and found my self lifted above the ground but this time in with love and passionate , our lips got locked. she now takes hockey stick and order all of them to stand in line , they do it obediently and start hitting their ass with hockey stick and announces that she will hit until they all piss off in their pants , they all do the same in 5 mins . now she ask me to puncture all of their bikes after that she ask them to be nude totally nude , they doesn't reply but hit ass of that big goons they all obeyed now we move with taking their cloths sohan laugh louder and say brother your story is nice but i don't think she is really strong rohan just replied one days you know bro. that she is bomb of strength in fact MINI BULLET BOMB

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