Saturday, June 20, 2009

Highway Chase

Chain snatching cases are increases on highway more than thirty incidents are happen in last two days so insecpector mohan decided to increase the police patrolling on the highways. Everything remains normal for week but as soon as police patrolling removed the incident increase like sensex.
Mohan decided to do patrolling himself in simple dress to capture the thief so he called some victims of highway to know about the snatchers. The victim told him that snatcher comes on a black color pulsar wearing black cloths with black helmet. Nobody however see him but he is tall as seen sitting on bike with good physique. He is quiet confident about his riding as he snatch goods from many rider on highway. He is very-2 fast because many victims try to follow him but didn’t succeed .the last but most important thing is that he is quiet bold and strong as he never hesitate to snatch goods from groups of 4 or 5 also. After hearing all these facts ins.mohan prepared himself for patrolling in simple dress as common man , the whole day go in vein .no incident found on that day . next two days followed in same manner. After that mohan understand that somebody in department is also involved with the case as his every move is noted by snatcher so he decided to declare himself going out of town for some department work. Everyone even his family members knows the same thing .
On the very next day mohan dress himself like a lady wearing a salwar suit of black colour with lots of jewellary . he was dressed in such a way that nobody can judge that he is man . he stands on a bus stand on highway after a hour long wait he saw a black pulsar on very high speed rushing towards him .he prepares himself for that. The bike stops near him and the rider grabs the jewellary from him .he grabs the hands of rider but before he can do something more the rider uses his second hand and punches him on stomach . The punch is so powerful that he drops on road with pain and the snatcher disappears in seconds. mohan realize how strong and good rider was snatcher so its impossible for him to caught him alone . he called to most reliable officer in night and discuss the plan for the next day .
On the next , as it was Sunday highway has low traffic , mohan dress one of his college as a old man holding a briefcase standing near a tree while he himself hiding in shrubs on pulsar while other officer is also hiding on another side of road . The trap is set. After a long wait of five hours the black pulsar appears again the rider snatches the bag from the officer he tried to stop him but a kick is enough for him . in the mean time mohan came from shrubs on his bike but rider is too fast to go ,mohan is also a good rider he start following him .the rider is very fast and good so mohan is unable to reach near him but still he watching him continuously. Suddenly alight is glow in mohans eye as he saw two police jeep are coming from the direction rider is moving ahead now rider has no way to escape . The rider also saw the jeeps but still moving ahead and suddenly applied front brakes and bike turns on the front wheel towards the direction of mohan till the mohan understand something rider jumps his bike over mohans bike and whole scene is change now , the helmet of the rider tosses in air as the bike touches the ground and all police party shocked to see that rider is not a male but she is a female .however nobody is still able to see her face as she wears a scarf on her face but her long hair and shape of head clearly indicates she is women . Despite all these happen she speeds up her bike to other direction mohan calmly follow her as he knows that other patrolling party is coming from another side.
She also knew that another police party is coming from other side so she roars her bike towards the dead end road mohan smiled to see her going there as he know there is no escape point from there
Mohan soon reach at the end of road where he found her with bike. As mohan taste her power so he took his pistol and order her to remove the scarf. As soon as the lady uncover the face a 440v current passes through his body because she is nobody but his wife meera .
Meera his wife belongs to a village he didn’t like her but he married her due to sake of his parents. He never talk her in good way and always try to show her down . Always calm down meera fired one day and leave to her parents house while going she told mohan that she will prove one day that she is much better than mohan . However he laughed at that time but now he realize she prove herself and she is much-2 better than mohan.
Mohan said meera you have to choose another way to prove yourself now I have to arrest you.
She replied I did it go get back my prestige & honor, please forgive me. My intention is not wrong I will return the entire item robbed by me.
Mohan I will leave you if you are not caught red handed
She smiles and asked will you leave me if manage to escape
Mohan smiles and said I wish it could happen but you are surrounded by police all over and I am also police man not your husband this time so its better for you to come with me
Mohan moving ahead towards her suddenly she punches a kick on his face he fell down then she quickly moves towards him and hutted her head to his head very hard which make him unconscious.
She wears the scarf and kick starts her pulsar and moves , to escape from police party is not a tough job for the super girl.
In the evening police commissioner receives a parcel containing all the looted items with a sorry letter
In night mohan reaches home, he was eager to meet his super wife and to know that how she will manage to do all this. meera told him she know bike riding and karate from very long but she learn bike stunts and kick fighting after leaving the home .she said I can open the reality in two or three days but then may be you don’t understand me .even tough on the final day I can easily escape from you and your patrolling party but I thought it is inuf now that’s why I move towards dead road . mohan also surprise to know that nobody helps her in the plan and nobody other them knows about the highway snatcher.
Mohan lastly asked if somebody caught or kill her then?
She replied however it is not possible but if it happens she is ready for every thing to get love of her husband while saying this she hugged mohan and mohan found himself some inches up from the ground in the arms of her super wife

The End
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  1. excellent story seema..... great portrayal of women strength... massive strength.. . rocketing speed... keep it up

  2. again same girls.....ego
    as seema feel her as the charecter of superwomen in each of her story