Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kidnap continue

Cont-as you read how raman gave lift to some women and she knows him which make him nervous.
i ask the lady how does she know me ? she laughed loudly and replied you will know each and everything very soon. The lady further told me that I was kidnap by her this make me laugh and I remind her that bike is under mine control and I can move it any where I want and it was she who can be kidnap not me. As soon as I completed the sentence she over power me and took control of bike from me her hands grab the handle and her legs remove mine from gears and brake. She forces me to sit like a baby. The situation is quite strange and shocking to me, the bike is under her control now and without any hesitation I say she is very nice rider as she is riding bike on very high speed with total control with a mature guy like me is sitting as baby in front of her.
I don’t know what happen to me but I felt speechless and pale in front of her . I also get feared as I taste her power when she took control of bike from me . after some time when become normal I tried to get back control of bike from her but she grab them with both of her hands ( Bike was riding without hands at that time)and warn me not to do anything otherwise she will broke my hands . I know that she is capable of doing that so I sat quietly for my betterment & let the things going down as god desire.
After riding 25 -26 kms she turned to a very narrow road , the road is very narrow and rocky she still rides very calmly and in full control even I was sitting in front of her . it shows how great rider was she .
After riding some distance she stops near a doomed house and without saying anything to me she step out of bike and stand it on main stand however I was still sitting on bike . I saw her with opened eyes and now its her turn to show me more demonstration of her power she pulled me from bike and easily lifted me over her shoulder and start walking towards that doomed house . she moved inside the house , the house which seems to be very small from outside is not so small and from inside it looks much better . she is still moving and suddenly a she start walking towards downstairs . I was amazed by her strength and power as she lifted me her shoulder for more than 15 min and still moving I think I am weight less. She stops near a room and put me down and tied me with rope on a chair.
I shouted, take my mobile and call my father you will get anything you want but leave me
She smiled and told that I don’t need any thing but she suggest me to call my father and told him that I am alright and it will take one week to reach me home back and if he do anything wrong he will receive my dead body. Her smiling face and red eyes shows that she has no fear of anybody even not of police. she took my mobile and other things from my pocket and told she will return back them when she free me .further she added that she will make arrangement whenever I need to talk to my home .
I asked if she doesn’t want anything why she kidnap me ?
She replied soon you will know each and every thing .

TO be Cont………………………………………………..
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  1. a very very different kidnap scene.... complete role reversals.... yet another extraordinary portrayal of women strength in a different way.