Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My name is raghav , I belongs to a very rich family and doing MBA . I am very passionate to bike riding and girls actually I got bored with both of them when they got older to me, I mean I need new bike and new girl . in my life I have break hearts of many girls and to riding bike my friends said I am simply the best.
It was Saturday night when I receive a call from my girlfriend nisha she wants to expend the Sunday with me but I got bored with her in last 2 months so I simply tell her she has no more place in my life .as many other girls do she start crying and try to convince me with her tears but I hear same words many times so they are not effective for me. She finally threat me to see the results however many girls threaten me before but her threat make me feared.
The incident become past and today is my birthday and I found brand new Yamaha fz 16 in my porch which my dad gifted me today. I was eager to ride it but mom asks for some pooja and after then party program for the evening is decided now I was free to enjoy the ride for whole day. I start my new friend and flew it towards the road and after tested it for half an hour in city limits I decided to take it on the road joining a village as the road is well construct and have less traffic so I can run Bike on high speed.
I was moved some distance on that road suddenly I saw a very tall women with good body structure like that of sanjay dutt was standing in red color salwar suit I slow to such rare seen to watch and at that time I got an idea that the road is not the busy one and only some tractor or some two wheelers came occasionally so why don’t I ask her to join me on my bike but before I ask she herself shows sigh for asking lift on bike . it like gift to me on my b,day I suddenly brake the bike and stops near her she looks around 35 years but her macho man like body attract me towards her she is quiet tall near about 1 ft taller than me.she asks to drop her to the last village on the road which is around 70 km however I have no plan to go so long but to enjoy the company of such a bodybuilder women I ready to do so.
She suddenly sat as pillion to me she sits putting her legs both a side. She puts both of her hand on my back side. After traveling a mile I ask her what she was doing in such a jungle type place she replied that she was waiting for me only and laughed . I thought she was kidding with me so I said do you know me she again reply you are raghav na raghav sharma I was quiet amazed how she knows me? It make me nervous who is she ? how does she know me ? what will she do with me ?
To be cont …………………………………………………………………………………………………..
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