Friday, July 24, 2009

lady bus driver

this is is written by one of mine friend however he asked me not to mention his name , but i thanks him from bottom of my hearts and urge all of you to help me to make help me to make indian women more stronger

In this town called sangli ther lived a newly wed couple named ashok and neha they ashok was a teacher in a school . neha was a house wife. She was a simple house wife. And very homely and very traditional.once they both went to a temlple which was on a hill station which was around 75 km from there place. They boarded a bus and went to the temple.when they were returning the diver or the bus had a heart attack and fell unconscious.he stopped the bus before he fell. They were in an isolated place. And there was no vehicular trafiic as it was quiet late in night at around 12 in night. The poople in the bus enquired that if any one could drive the bus. No one came forword. Ashok also kept quiet.and the something strange happen neha got up from her place she was wearing a traditional nine yard sari. Ashok was dumb stuck he just could not figure what was happening.she got up went to the drivers seat and then sat in there. She started the bus and brought the bus in nutrel and then in reverse gear. Then with help of people she reversed and then she stared the bus and started to drive as if she was an expert. Ashok came and sat near her and he could not speak. She was driving like an expert . he then asked how she knew it and never told him about it.she replied and told him a story that her father had a garage on the national highway. And all sorts of vehicals from cars bikes trucks and bus used to come there. She used to see her father work and helped him. She learnt to ride bikes drive cars and later bus and trucks. She even had a license to drive a heavy vehical. Ashok was amazed to know her wifes skills.and he decided that they would start a transport services. In the mean time neha was driving the bus and it reached the hospital where the driver was given medical help.later she took the bus to the depot. Where ever one thanked her and left. Some even clicked photographs with her sitting in the bus.
To be continued…….

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  1. that was great thinking. a village woman in saree riding a mammoth bus - wow - what a scene!!! his husband is really gifted. please continue the story seema..