Friday, July 3, 2009

Malti 38 is a widow women her husband rohit died 3 months ago in an accident .she lives in a bunglow in outer city with her two childrens ravi 12 and shobha 11 with a husband and wife as their servants named kishan and radha .as it is know men is head in indian famlies and as rohit died the attitude to many people changes towards malti , many person try to take advantage of her as there is no close relative to her so there is no body to help her out .the only men to help her is kishan and excess depence on him makes him mad , he raise his salary many fold , many times he bacame bullish to childrens and her wife also start disobeying malti. One day situation gone worst kishan beat ravi badly so malti decided to throw him out however she knows it will borrow more problems for her.
The problem starts from next day only as nobody of them knows driving so both children have to go school by ricshaw , nobody is there to bring household goods ,malti herself has to do whole work of home . the problems soon tranform to a crisis situation so malti decide to get new servants. She contact many placement agencies but result was zero as she doest find as per her requirements.
One day in the market she met one of her friend she told her whole situation and ask her for help , she smiles and said that she can send a girl to her she can do all house hold activities and also knows driving car . malti ask her to send the girl
In the evening she saw a tall girl with good physique entered in the bunglow at that time she was drinking tea with both her children in the law . she soon reaches to them and told malti that she was send by her friend to her.she told malti that her name is seema tiwari (30)and she is from M.P . Malti asked her some questions and after satisfaction she settled her salary and asked her to came on work from today onwards .
On the very next day her first duty is to take children school , she washes the car and ask both children to came however malti also join because she wants to test her ability of driving car. As car moves on the road malti soon realize that seema is quiet good driver better than kishan , her eyes , leg and hands coordination is marvelous and she has no hesitation in driving on busy places also. After leaving both the childrens in the school both ladies decided to buy some house hold goods from market
In the market one thief snatch malti’s bag and start running seeing this seema start running towards him and grab him few metres ahead , she start beating him as the thief tried to show some power to seema soon more public gathers and thief was sent to police.
In the car malti appreciate seema for her braveness , she added you are quiet strong to beat a guy alone
Seema smiles and replied that she can easily manage to beat 3-4 guys single hand.
Both women laughs.
In few days whole family depends on seema for every thing from food to outside drive.
One day seema saw a bullet was standing in garage she enqired malti about that malti told her that its belong to her husband rohit ,he use to ride it on week end but after him nobody is there to take care of it. Seema ask malti if she permits she want to ride it.malti shocked to hear that she can ride bullet but to beilve herself she permits seema to ride and sat herself as pillon to her . she easily started the bike in one kick and roar the giant to road she easily handle it and as bike reaches to highway bikes speed up to 120km/ph plus which was amazed for malti as she never be seated on such a speed so she hold seema tightly and on holding seema she found that seema is a muscular girl , she has develope muscules like man which are hiding in clothes. She see seema face there is no sign of hesitation or fear of riding on such a high speed . many truck drivers and passenger also seen a woman riding the giant machine easily tamed by a lady.many other fellow motorcycle riders try to follow her but to all this is waste of time as she is so fast and they are unable to match her speed .after riding many kms malti ask to go back as childrens in home are alone so she stops near a petrol pump ask the attendent to fill the tank and start to get back to home , the attendent look her as it is worth to watch scene. On the way back many people try to capture her in mobile while some fools try to race her but she easily became winner in every race .
When they reach home malti thanks seema for such a wonderful trip. She admire her and thanks her for being with them. Malti ask seema as she belongs to a rular place how does she know driving car etc.
Seema replied that she has three more sisters and she is youngest among them as they have no brother so her father treat her like boys and devlope her as boy so that she can save her sisters from peoples . in the same she learn all the vehicles , she can also ride tractor also. Malti got interested in her story so she ask her to tell more. She tell her father has a big farm but all the land is sold out for sake of her sisters marrige and the remaining was sold out as her father got ill . her father died after long treatment and my sisters are not ready to take me to their homes as their husband are not comfortable with me.
So I moved towards delhi and got job at your house with some people
Malti further ask seema that she saw lots of muscles on her body how she get it
Seema replied as she work in farms she devlope muscles , she has beaten many boys and mens in village and delhi as well.
Malti laughed I also remember how you beaten the thief.
Life is going on and now seema become a important member of the family and children got highly attached to her

malti feels that her husband return in face of seema while seema gets a family

The end

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  1. what a strength!!! this girl is simply amazing & the name Seema just adds great spice to it. yet another brilliant piece!!!