Sunday, July 12, 2009


Q. Tell something about your self?
A myself seema tiwari , a graduate with a diploma in creative writing
Q. where are you from?
A. basically we are from damoh M.P but as my father is working with Bata Shoe Company, we travel many parts of country. Now I am living with my husband in NCR region
Q. who are in your family
A. me and my husband he is accountant, we married 3 year back and have no children’s yet
Q. Which vehicles you ride?
A I have ride bikes, scooter, scooty , cars and I also drive Tata 407 to few km5s
Q. which bike do you ride?
A. presently I have cd deluxe but soon plan to take a discover however I have ride many bikes but its my dream to ride bullet on very high speed.
Q. How long you are riding?
A. Its almost 13 years for me to know riding and driving
Q Are you passionate about riding bikes?
A. no not now , but when I learn I was very passionate about riding , I have just passed out school and start riding bike to college in first year , this make popular me in whole college with in a month .
Q. who teach you riding?
A hmmmmmmmm…….. Actually nobody, I ride scooty in my school days after 12th exams I see how my brother applied gears etc once I tried it in afternoon when roads are vacant and then going on.
Q. did you parent oppose you?
A never they are encouraging to me especially my mother
Q. Did you found it uneasy for girls riding bike ? as many girls prefer scooty .
A Actually it depends on how much mentally and physically are you strong , I know many boys who didn’t ride , however girls prefer scooty because they found it easy no gear shifting and other things secondly the family encourage them to ride scooty only , thirly due to their physical structure girls opt scooty.
Q. share your experience while riding?
A many times people watch me continuously , some other try to take photograph while some try to follow me but two incident I remember most was once while returning with my father (he doesn’t know riding) we met a jam it was very long jam I take bike between vehicles and use side road to get out of it and I succeed papa does not say a single word at that time but after reaching home he declare me better rider than my brother. Secondly once I was returning home I was on pulsar of my brother suddenly I saw a boy is following me on bullet , I accelerate my bike on more speed he also do the same , he came very near to me and start abusing me that make me to slow down my bike . Suddenly he got accident with a car , the car escape after hitting him but I don’t know why I stop and help him to go hospital and called his family members . He apologized for his behavior and now we are good friends.

Q does your husband like your riding?
A hmmmmmmm ………I can’t say, even after many years to marriage he never praise my riding skills. I had drive car and bike for him but he always try to show his men hood. However if I urge for riding or driving he never say no. so it difficult to decide whether he likes or not.
Q. why you write the blog strong Indian girls?
A actually the society is unaware about immense power of females , today women are marching ahead with men but till today when they see women riding bike or any other vehicle they saw her as alien . and if they are on high speed then you can understand , cant they think when a boy of 15or 16 rides a bike or car why not a girl? Secondly I also write about physically strong women because many women has capability to do so. You can see many women lift heavy load on their heads and shoulders .
Q. do you have any message to Indian women?
A please learn riding at least one vehicle this will reduce your dependence on your father, brother or husband. Believe in your self , you can do anything , anything that man can do.

Hey friends after writing this blog many friends ask me various questions I decided to answer few of them . if you want to know more about me just ask your question on my email id
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