Saturday, August 8, 2009

strong indian girls-1

The incident is seen by me yesterday and I describe it as I seen no spices added

Yester day in the evening I go to visit one of my friend in hospital, I parked my bike in parking area and walking towards main gate of hospital suddenly I saw a women wearing black saree with an avenge height supporting her husband as his leg was broken and plaster for treatment was attach to it . this is a normal scene I think they must be husband and wife after few minutes I saw another lady arrived wearing pink color suit with a superb height of 5-10+ riding a cycle , her height and features match to the men who is injured I think she must be sister of that men . she stops the cycle near to the couple and now both the women help the men to come near the back carrier of cycle suddenly I saw the lady in black suit lifted the men and make him sit on the back carrier of the cycle and after that she sits on the seat but the saga doesn’t end here now she ask the another lady to sit on the front rod of the cycle and the lady in saree sits there and the cycle starts move on .

Some time some ordinary women does extraordinary acts which shows that how strong are they ,I know every one of you also witness power of women in daily sphere of life please do not hesitate to send me your experiences.

i know you all have such experience in daily life please share them with us.

strong indian girl
seema tiwari

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