Tuesday, October 6, 2009

three biker sister

my name is nikhil lived in Agra and i married recently to aruna , she lives in some town in M.P india . aruna has no brother in fact they are three sister aruna , soniya and pushpa.
after marriage aruna to his parents house for few days and i reach there to take back her back aruna told me that pusha the youngest sister of her reach there to receive me on station. I saw pushpa wearing pink jeans with black sleeveless top and high heel shoes and black sunglasses . she didn't looks alike a normal town girl , i have only one hand bag as i reach near to her she welcome me and ask me to come , she is slightly taller than me but her high heel make me very shorter to me as we reach outside to the station she moved towards a black colour pulsar and kick star it in seconds and turn it towards me and ask me jijaji (sister husband) please sit . i feel very uncomfortable sitting as a pillion to a girl . as i never to do this but the problem is that i cant ride any two wheeler as i use to drive car from early days so i never learn any 2 wheeler.she speeds up motorbike in seconds , on the ways her hair
touches my face i try to hide my face as i see many people see me as alien. but soon we reaches home.
after a night stay on the second day we decided to go a temple near by village but the main problem is that the road was very bad so it is quiet impossible to take car there so it was decide to take two motorcycle their and pushpa will ride one and i will ride another but i told my wife aruna that i cant ride so i think that a problem will create but my wife told me that ok if you cant ride soniya my other sister will ride. i got shocked and ask my wife whether she can also ride a motorcycle she replied that she cant ride even she cant ride cycle.
the journey began i decide to sit as pillion to soniya who is going to ride cbz . as i enjoy ride with pushpa yesterday.they moves on the road is very narrow so i think its good
we came on bike . in the mean while i also realize importance of two wheeler also. i feel soniya as much better rider than pushpa as she have very good control over the bike than pushpa.
i stay there for a week , and enjoy riding with my both salli(sister in law) on the returning i thought that oh god why my wife cant ride?
we reaches our home and slowly two months pass away . i wish my wife can also ride but it cant possible. one night our neighbor mrs. sharma call me as her son is bitten by snake and he want my help to take him to hospital . i get ready soon but when i reach to my car i found that one tyre is puncher-ed and stupany is already puncher-ed . mrs sharma ask me to take her husbands motorcycle but it created a harassment situation to me . mean while aruna reaches their and ask for keys of motorcycle mrs.shrama gave her keys she soon kick start the giant bike bullet and ask mrs.sharma and me to sit with the baby boy . i was quiet shocked as bike soon speed up and start talking to air . it was dark night and only trucks are running on road but aruna has no fear in eyes she manage to ride 120+ on the road we soon reaches to the hospital.
doctor start the treatment . whole night ends in
hospital now the boy is well so we decide to go back home . it was 8 0 clock in the morning she make the 8 year boy sit on petrol tank and than me and Mrs. sharma sits.
on the returning people use to watch us and why dont they as it is a very rare scene to watch a woman riding the big giant bullet and a child sits on fuel tank with one man and woman sitting as pillion . we soon reaches home .she parked the bike on Mrs. sharma house.
as we reaches home a ask my wife you know riding why you hide this fact even when i ask you why you lie me?
she replied , that i see a shame in your eyes when you came to know that my both sister can ride but you cant so i hide my riding ability to you but in night situation i have no other way.
i further ask how long you are riding?
she replied since age of sixteen as our college is far away and transport system is not well connected and we cant afford to buy a new scooty at that time so papa teach me riding bike and i use to go college on papa's bike.later i teach both my sister riding bike
she further tell that near by people call us teen motorcycle wali behen means three biker sisters
we plan to buy a motorcycle soon for daily house hold activity and my wife promise me to teach bike riding to me


  1. Yet another awesome story Seema.... what a brave family!!!!

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  4. a great inspirational story... even now i am pestering my dad to teach me riding bike though i am just 13..i love bikes.. and i wanna bcome a female bike racer.. and i wanna win one ironbut championship.. plz pray for me.. thank u ... may god bless u all...