Wednesday, October 21, 2009

two strong friends

my name is rajeev and i am a cyber cafe owner and my home is around 20km from my shop , i use motorcycle(pulsar200) for daily up-down . once i was returning home at night , it was too dark the road towards own town is very rough , i didn't see a stone comes down my bike and i fell down , my leg was put down in motorcycle and despite my best efforts i was unable to take it out . the road has no traffic as it was too late suddenly i saw a motorcycle rushing towards me , it suddenly stops and i see this is giant bike royal en-field and two girls are on it ,the girls are too tall more than 6-3 and their body is so toned that i can call them muscular . they quickly took bike stand and take me out but i find my leg is broken out and their are several other injuries also. so they ask me to go hospital with them . one girl sits on her bike and kick start the giant machine while another help me to sit as pillion but i am unable to move one of my leg so she lifted me in her arms and make me sit on bike . then she took my bike start and start following her.
The girl with whom i was sitting is very good rider , we quickly reaches hospital they both with out wasting time took me in their arms and take me in hospital. in the mean time they call my wife also .
my whole family reaches hospital soon and thanks both super women to save my life

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