Thursday, May 13, 2010


the following list is send to me by one of my friend vineet gupta who lives in ghaziabad city (near to delhi) and ask me to publish the ten lady bike riders he see in ghaziabad
1)a girl riding pulsar near dabur mor i follow her quiet long , the best rider i saw
2) A lady around 40+ riding passion ( i also have her bike number) seen many times in sanjay nagar sec23 to kavinagar industrial area .sometime 12 years son sitting as pillon, also see her relatives daughter in kavinagar indl area trying to start or move bike
3)A young girl also in sec-23 sanjay nagar riding cd dlx many a time
4) a young girl with her mother on delhi meerut road , riding at very low speed splendor plus

5)A police women i follow her from mohan nagar to DPS public school . cool rider , riding splendor
6)A triple women on splendor follow them on delhi meerut road in morning around 9 o clock . the rider lady is quiet tall and healthy very fast and good rider
7)two young girls on brand new yamaha fz in posh colony raj nagar. i think they are waiting for somebody they both rides sometime pillon girl became rider and vice versa.they ride and stop than talk some body on mobile and move on.
8) a lady around 40 on tvs star saw her three times two times in nand gram and once i follow her from bus stand to pilakhwa
9) a lady on cd100 in busy navyug market to ghanta ghar i not follow her as my friends are with me
10)this is last but is very special this a my first female rider spoting in ghaziabad.around 8 year ago i saw her near shagun sweets turab nagar riding CBZ yellow colour with her mother sitting as pillon at that time i dont have any vehicle neither i know riding , she was wearing a cap with tied hairs i saw her many times to confirm that she is riding cbz instead of scooty
hey seema i saw many other womens riding bike but these are some i remember

polio booth

i was sitting at polio booth , a tall lady around 6ft tall wearing red suit came towards me and ask that my son is sitting their can you came with me to provide vaccine to him i said sure mam.i take the drops and marker ink and start following her after 3 or 4 shop i saw a man with broken ankle was sitting on royal enfield bike on pillon seat and a child of 15-16 months in his hand i put drop in his mouth and put mark on his nail and said ok.the lady thanks me i turned around to go back suddenly a roaring sound of bullet is heard in my ears i put my head back and saw the lady was sitting on riders seat and kick start the bike . she put bike in gear and turned it back and soon i saw her moving away from my eyes . oh my god what a scene it was .
i tried to find her many times in that locality but all is waste of time.

chase on highway

my name is arun and i am 24 year old boy . recently i buy a new pulsar 180 , i live in a town area and have my own shop in nearby city. i usually go to my shop around 10 in morning and return at 8 at night .
last week i was returning to my home on my bike suddenly a bike (also pulsar 180) passes me although the rider was wearing helmet but i realize that she may be a girl so to check my thoughts i start running my bike and around a speed of 90kmph i manage to pass it and oh my goodness she is really a girl .riding a pulsar 180dtsi in night alone at a speed around 80-90 kmph its quiet unbelievable for me. i think she may be daughter of any official of defence area near by own town but she passes that area so i decided to follow her she is riding very fast and have very good control.i am also a good rider and have a strong bike otherwise its quiet impossible to follow her.
she soon passes own town i decide to follow her ever i reach my destination point after another 5-6 kms she stops and start talking to somebody on her mobile i also stop my bike around half km suddenly i saw her the helmet is in her hand and the tied hair are free to flew in air. i think she may be live in another town which is around 12kms but both of us passes it in next minutes now it seems difficult to me as i came 20 km ahead from my home and she is still going on and on.but i decided to follow her.
she suddenly races up her bike to more than 120kmph i soon speed up mine . my heart start pumping on such a high speed and i also dont want to let down my speed as if i do so i will loses to a girl secondly i enjoy following her . suddenly she slow down her bike near a petrol pump i also do the same . The sales man was also amazed to see a girl riding pulsar she full her tank and move ahead , i was still following her.
she reaches to the city limits and move towards the village area , its quiet unbelievable for me that a girl who is riding a bike wearing jeans lives in a village.however i decide to go back as the road going to villages are very dangerous and one who is unaware about them should avoid such paths.

after that i was waiting for her daily at that time but all waste

story is send by one of my fan only for me but i agree him to share this story with all of you( his name changed while name of places are hide on his request)