Thursday, May 13, 2010

chase on highway

my name is arun and i am 24 year old boy . recently i buy a new pulsar 180 , i live in a town area and have my own shop in nearby city. i usually go to my shop around 10 in morning and return at 8 at night .
last week i was returning to my home on my bike suddenly a bike (also pulsar 180) passes me although the rider was wearing helmet but i realize that she may be a girl so to check my thoughts i start running my bike and around a speed of 90kmph i manage to pass it and oh my goodness she is really a girl .riding a pulsar 180dtsi in night alone at a speed around 80-90 kmph its quiet unbelievable for me. i think she may be daughter of any official of defence area near by own town but she passes that area so i decided to follow her she is riding very fast and have very good control.i am also a good rider and have a strong bike otherwise its quiet impossible to follow her.
she soon passes own town i decide to follow her ever i reach my destination point after another 5-6 kms she stops and start talking to somebody on her mobile i also stop my bike around half km suddenly i saw her the helmet is in her hand and the tied hair are free to flew in air. i think she may be live in another town which is around 12kms but both of us passes it in next minutes now it seems difficult to me as i came 20 km ahead from my home and she is still going on and on.but i decided to follow her.
she suddenly races up her bike to more than 120kmph i soon speed up mine . my heart start pumping on such a high speed and i also dont want to let down my speed as if i do so i will loses to a girl secondly i enjoy following her . suddenly she slow down her bike near a petrol pump i also do the same . The sales man was also amazed to see a girl riding pulsar she full her tank and move ahead , i was still following her.
she reaches to the city limits and move towards the village area , its quiet unbelievable for me that a girl who is riding a bike wearing jeans lives in a village.however i decide to go back as the road going to villages are very dangerous and one who is unaware about them should avoid such paths.

after that i was waiting for her daily at that time but all waste

story is send by one of my fan only for me but i agree him to share this story with all of you( his name changed while name of places are hide on his request)

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  1. be careful chasing those hotties on bikes :-)