Wednesday, July 13, 2011

rular riders 1

Do you know that the numbers of women riding motorcycles increase 40% last year ,companies also start focusing the female buyers.these buyers are from most rural areas as they cant afford buying or maintain two vehicles i.e motorcycles for man and scoot y for woman so they rural women opt to learn bikes as it is more fuel efficient and have power to cope with rural roads.
here is a story of a lady from small village where a woman learns bike from her husband but after some time she became much better rider then him.
rajpura is small village and it is 20km inside from the main highway and nearest town is also far away . the main occupation of the people of rajpura is farming however some people also go city for jobs , the main road is far away and only mode of transport is private vehicle whether it is cycle , scooter , bike, car or tractor , that why woman are entirely depends on men if they want to go city as they didn't know any vehicle however some women rides cycle but its quiet hard to ride cycle for long distances.
in this village radha and shyam also lives . shyam is a farmer while her wife radha is house wife . she is graduate in commerce . The couple is also facing the same problem as many other people in village of transport however shyam owns a bike (passion pro) but the problem is that he is busy in farms and when ever radha has to go city she is entirely depends on him .
one day shyam and radha went to city for buying some house hold goods they saw a lady riding pulsar 180 in market , the scene was quiet interesting to both and shyam start following her the lady is awesome rider she rides with perfection . shyam sees that lady easily control the bike in traffic and also races up in open road .
shyam convince radha to learn bike as this will make their life easier. From the next day onwards he start her training on the first day he hold him about gear race clutch and other things with in week radha start riding bike but in vacant roads of only.
this type of scene where a woman riding motorcycle is quiet unfamiliar to the villagers so they start gossips but all this ended in a month and radha also gets more experiences of bike riding.

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