Friday, July 8, 2011

my strong mother

After school is over we are ready to move towards home suddenly we saw a lady who is her mid forties riding a bullet stops near the main gate of school ,she parked the bullet near main gate of school and start walking inside . she is a tall lady around 5-11 -6 ft long with a muscular built wearing a sleeveless white color salwar suit with sports shoes and a black glasses on eyes . her biceps are very well toned .she walks like tigress and all the boys who are moving outside stops for a while but she is moving on suddenly she stops near to me and asks
are you 12th standard student ?
i said : yes mam
where is your shakeel sir?
he is inside i replied , i saw a anger in her eyes when she was asking about shakeel sir.why is she asking for shakeel sir a question rises in my mind.
shakeel sir is our physical instructor , he is a tall man with a very balance muscular body . he is another name for terror in our school every student even many many teachers are feared from him. if any student caught doing anything wrong that means he is gone . no student wants to face him however student called him danger 440v
i follow the lady to know that why she is looking for shakeel sir with so anger suddenly i saw shakeel sir coming i told the lady that mam he is mr. shakeel

the lady : mr. shakeel
mrshakeel : yes , who are you?
the lady : i am mother of vicky
mr . shakeel : who vicky
the lady : whom you beat very rudely tomorrow
mr.shakeel : so what if any body breaks discipline i will take action
the lady : breaking discipline that doesn't means you can beat anybody so badly that he got injured
actually vicky is our class mate and he forgot to wear white shoes on P.T day that why mr shakeel beats him very rudely and some blood is also coming from his mouth.
he also piss her pants

meanwhile the conversation between both of them became very hot
mr shakeel : look lady go back other wise i will do something
lady : what did you think of yourself? what did you do?
mr.shakeel : i will beat you like i do with your son this is school if you meet me outside i will teach you a lesson understand
the lady got angered and start putting some abusive words meanwhile some staff and students also gathers . some staff members asks lady to leave but lady warns them to stay out of this and the anger in her eyes is too to make anybody feared .
she grab the collar of mr shakeel and hit a hard punch on his face it was so unexpected and hard that he get down on ground
as he also very toned muscles so he lifts in seconds and hit the lady on stomach mean while some teachers want to separate them but they both warn them to stay away otherwise they will beat them .
punches are raining away from both sides neither we can say mr. shakeel is weak nor the lady . this is very first time we see male -female fight. suddenly mr shakeel grabs the legs of lady and put her on ground he suddenly sits on her stomach and put her hands between his legs and start punching her face but lady puts her legs around of his neck and throws away him . now he is on ground and the lady jumps over him but before this he grabs her neck with both of hands but lady again rains punches on his face soon he leaves her neck but lady starts hitting him too hard , he also tried to hit her but his punches loss the power and lady got upper hand in this fight .
mr shakeel is lying on ground he was totally loss to lady and many student like me are very happy to see this but the lady is not happy , she grab his neck with one hand and put her another hand between his legs and with in seconds she lifts him over the head. it is unbelievable scene a lady not only beat but lift the most strongest of our teacher single handed
now she start moving towards wall as she want to throw him so hard on wall so that his bones will broken into pieces some teachers wants to stop her but she warn them not to come in between otherwise they will pay for it
suddenly shakeel sir piss inhis pants the lady laughed very high that the thing i want .you make my son to piss in pants and i make you .she throws shakeel sir and make an announcement that if anybody say anything to her son she will do more worst to him , she further added if anybody make a mistake to go police he is all responsible for his bad luck
she moves back and i saw a tigress going back after hunt.
after that day mr.shakeel lefts the city and no teacher for many years has hit any child

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