Saturday, August 6, 2011

strong sister

This is a true story send me by one friend from dehradoon city . This is the incident happens to him 18 year back and that thing makes him lift and carry fan. I have just posted it as he send the incident to me . nothing added only names are changed ( on his request)

my name is sanjay and i am 22 years old in 1993 and studied in college , i am 5.9 " tall and weight 55- 60 at that point of time .At that time internet is not available and TV is also has very limited shows . I dont know how i got interested towards strong and muscular women as some time i saw pictures of some women in gym etc i got excited. lets come to incident. my mom and dad was gone to outstation to attend some marriage party and me and my sister sudha was alone at home , sudha is my younger sister just 17 + at that time studied in 12th standard . she was 5-6 in height and average body i think she was 45-48 kgs
it was 11th April 1993 and its Sunday i still remember , i was cleaning spider webs on outside wall and to do so that i was using a stool on which i was standing suddenly stool got dis balance and i fallen down with a great voice and my sister rushes towards me, i was in great pain may be my leg bone is broken i ask geeta to give me support so that i can stand but the thing happens to me is very strange . geeta put her one hand below my neck and another below my legs and lifted me in her arms and took me up-to the bed which is around 20 mtrs away . After that she call the doctor who lived nearby to our house . He examine me and told that their is nothing serious to worry as it is only a muscular cramp and will be alright in 2-3 days .
i was not shocked at that time when geeta lifts me but after that day to till the date i was unable to believe that my little sister was so strong as she lifts a average male easily .

This is the story send me by one friend to me , i thanks him from my bottom of hearts for his valuable contribution . Friends if you have any story , real incident,or have any complaint or suggestion regarding my blogs you can email me at or join me on

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