Thursday, May 25, 2017


MY name is rajiv and recently after passing my 12th , i got admission in a prestigious engineering college and i accommodate my self in college hostel.i was fascinated to a new thing that is women riding motorcycles , as i was a guy from smaller town and in our remote areas it is rare to see any girl or lady riding geared bike or scooters , a few is just seen riding gear less Scottie , so with out wasting time i post details of rider girls in my college PALLAVI ARYA -- she is our lecturer , she always uses her splendor plus to came in college , she was my first fbr sight in the college. she seems quiet confident in riding ANITA GHOSH------ she is in security staff of college, she is very tall but have villager looks , she uses the giant bullet for her traveling purposes , she has strong built and high pinch voice , i think she can easily beat two or three man alone , bullet is perfect match to her personality. AARTI JHA-------- she is fresher like me and is in our class only , she is not a regular rider on daily basic she use to came on her activa but whenever she gets chance she get her brothers honda cbz , she is cool rider PRABHA JAIN----- she is short in height but uses HONDA ENTICAR , she is senior to us and one of my friend told me that she is very fast rider , once he tried to follow her but she is very fast. NEHA KAKAR---------she is another bullet girl , she is just second year student but she is too confident rider , she use stand bullet on center stand , she is a really a worth to watch rider SUMAN GAUTAM----- she is also from 2nd year but her sister nisha is in our class , she have her own passion pro, she is very slim girl when anybody saw her in first cant believe that she can ride bike but she can ANU GOYAL--------- she is 3 year senior to me and rides pulsar 180 , she is the one whom i roam as pillion and from that experience i can say that she is fantastic rider there are lots of another girls in college , who rides motorcycles but these are my favorites

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