Saturday, May 27, 2017


friends in previous part you read about vijay fallen in love with a bullet rider girl at first sight , she is karate teacher and strong inf to tackle any sitution whole night vijay is dreaming about that lady and in the morning he arranges motorcycle of his friend so that he follow the lady in evening , she came on the right time on her giant bike wearing red suit that day, she has to die looks , vijay roam whole day around the school and in the evening , when she start the bike , he start following her however his efforts gone vein as he was only able to follow her till village limits as soon as she reaches on highway road , vijay has no match to her , she speed up her bullet and gone away. vijay tried his luck next couple of days also but he was unlucky , after that day he has to take some consignment in his truck which will take more than ten days to come back . he was very upset and pray god to help him. after ten days when he came back , he inquire his sister neha about her karate class as his purpose is something else,the little girl told that classes are fine but her teacher is replaced , its was shocking to him , he ask why ? to which the little girl has no reply. after few days when he was returning to his village in his truck , the front Tyre of his truck got puncture and he stop side by to replace it suddenly four men on two motorcycle stops near to him and ask for money and other things from him and on his refusal they start beating him , he tried his best to tackle but he cant suddenly he saw that bullet lady was passing , he start shouting for help , the lady stops and parked her bike aside , she was wearing black tight jeans with black top at that time , she jumps all four without taking any time and none of them was match to her abilities and within few minutes she put down all four and came near to vijay, his heart start pumping very high vijay try to stand but his body was injured very badly that he cant , he tried again but before he fall again the lady supported her, he himself was a strong man but he found her much stronger then him , she suddenly cradle him in her strong arms and make him sit on her bullet bike and take him to doctor , after treatment she told him that she has called her family members , he was surprise that she remember him. the lady smiles and reply she also remember how he puncture her bike Tyre and how he try to follow her so you know all things he ask , why you not scold me ? she replied i ignore it as your first mistake and many people try to follow me daily so how many i beat ? mean while family members of vijay arrived , they praise the lady for her help whats the name of lady? where is lady truck driver? TO BE CONTINUE.....................

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