Monday, May 29, 2017


In previous two parts you read how vijay , a truck driven fallen in one side love with karate teacher but unable to talk her , later she saves his life now continue.

As vijay was injured he was resting in home , he heard sound of bullet that mean the lady is came  , it is right , she came inside and inquire about his health and hand over his wallet to him , she further told that the wallet was fallen on ground when he was injured but she forgot to handover it to his family members .

vijay thanks her once again and tell it was her power and ability that saves his life otherwise any thing can happen to him that day, she smiles and say that ok  , everyone has ability in some field as she was good in bike riding and karate , he is good in some other things.

In the meanwhile , vijay ask , mam if you dont mind , i want to know about you, means your name?

she replied my name is seema.............seema tiwari
vijay again ask mam how are you so strong ? i mean girls are deemed to weak ?
seema replied its not matter of sex, it does not depend whether you are male or female but its depends on your state of mind , she said further , i was only child of my parents and i use to learn karate from my childhood , when i grow younger i lost my parents in an accident , people trying to take advantage of mine so i convert my self into a lady of steel , now people hesitate to mess with me .

tears start rolling from eyes of vijay , seema saw it and came near to him and ask , hey man why are you crying?

vijay replied , i too have the same story i lost my dad at the age of 12 , and uses to serve as helper to truck drivers to help my mother , from there i learn truck driving and now i buy this truck on installments

after a silence seema ask vijay , would you help me in one thing ?
vijay : why not? but is he capable to help her?
seema : yes you can , i want to learn truck driving, i have drive many types of vehicles but never drive truck , i want to tame this giant vehicle
vijay : sure mam , you can easily do it
seema : did you see any lady driving truck?
vijay : no but i hear from fellow truck drivers about lady truck drivers , there are some very trained lady truck drivers too, they manage to drive on risky hilly roads also
seems : thats nice

vijay told her that , he have to go deliver some consignment after 10 days and it will take more than 15 days to come back , if she wants she can join him .

seema was ready for it

now what is going to happen
did love story of vijay and seema is in the air?

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