Monday, June 8, 2009


I was returning home in evening from my office which is around 22 kms from my home . I use my bike ( passion +) for up-down to office. I was move few kilometer I saw one of my friend was standing with her wife it seems that their bike has some problem. I stopped near to them and enquire about the problem. My friend told me that bike stops suddenly and despite his best efforts he was unable to start it again. I suggest him to park his bike and come with me but he refuse as it is not easy for him to come in city for taking his bike on next day. So he refuses my offer as he wish to go to the repair shop but he ask me to take her wife and drop her to the house as it is uncertain how much time bike will take in repairs.
Bhabhi ( my friends wife) is a lady with good looks and built with a height of 5-6 which is around me . she was wearing a black salwar suit at that time sat as pillon to me . We move ahead and after 2 or 3 kms we cross the city limits and goes on highway .suddenly something is put on my eyes so I stop near a hand pump to wash my eyes. When I came after washing eyes I saw bhabhi was sitting on front seat and motorcycle was in ready to go mode. I came near to her and ask her to go on back seat but she ask me to seat as pillion. I smiled and said that bhabhi this motorcycle not cycle . she quickly replied “I know “ but I was amazed despite knowing that this is motorcycle you are riding it like a cycle. this make shame and I sat as pillion she suddenly move the bike ,gears start shifting and soon bikes reaches to 80 kmph I am afraid to said but it true she is very good rider than me .
I said bhabhi you are good rider how long you riding she replied for more then 10 years I was amazed that both my friend(her husband) and me knows riding for last 8 years only. She further told me as she has no brother so her father teach her bike riding so that she can manage them smoothly. she further told how she use to go on college on bike .on the way four guys on two bike saw a women riding bike starts teasing us I got feared and ask bhabhi to slow down so that the gang passes away but the confident lady doesn’t hear my words She suddenly moves bike to more than 100 kmph frankly speaking I never ride bike on such a high speed. She boldly moves bike on such a high speed in between many vehicles was quite amazing for me. The gang of boys leaves very far away.
In the mean time we reaches to the boundaries of our town so bhabhi stops the bike and ask me to ride as she doesn’t want to show her skill in the town . I salutes the lady and thanks her for such a wonderful journey. She is the best rider I have seen.

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