Wednesday, September 16, 2009

female bike riders

i am a great fan of female bike riders and greatest admire of bike riders. i know a bike rider lady since last 15 years even she teach me also riding bike , i am riding from last 30 years even tough she thinks i am not a good rider so when we both go outside she is the rider. no i dont feel any shame sitting as pillon because she ios much experience and efficent rider then me. i saw her riding complete range of bikes from cd100 to bullet , from rajdoot to karizma.
she rides in heavy traffic , she was something special.she is my great wife
yes friends i live in delhi i was just 17 year old at that time when a couple with only child as a daughter came to live near to us , the girl was only 16 at that time but i was amazed to see that she can rides a motorcycle , i being a guy dont know at that time even my father doesnt knows . as she got admisson in same college i was and our family became close friends due to of same cast and culture back grouds we start going together but she is rider at that time (even today) . i use to be sit as pillon , i starting i got shy but slowly i understand . in between i urge her to teach me she refuses many time but one day she get ready i was slow learner buti also start riding however on heavy traffic road she takes the command .
soon college days are over and we both got the job but what the luck is that we got job in same company so we further continue to go together . once when we reach home our parents told us that the fix our relationship to marrige . soon we get married till that date to today we are together. today i have two daughters and a son all of them are good riders . thanks to my super wife.

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