Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my rider wife

my name is vipul and i belongs to a very poor family . my father died in very early age and my mother manage to made our bread butter by doing household works of others .
i was very good in studies so school provide me scholarship for studies and on behalf of my records and studies i got admission in IIT delhi.
i got start my studies and soon i become a known face in college due to my good academic record . two years passes like a sand in hands and in the third years a first year student rashmi start showing interest in me , i too got attacked towards her , she is tall , white and having a long hair. she is the on whom whole college boys are ready to die but she attract towards me . we got engage soon.
once she invite me to meet her parents , i reaches her home . her father is clerk in private firm while her mother is housewife. they are good person we took dinner then i ask to leave it was late in night so uncle said me to take the bike but i didnt know riding so i told him that i will manage to go but he ask rashmi to take me . i was shocked that rashmi knows riding being a girl.
the bike is splendor she sits and start it and ask me to sit on back. it is a very embarrassing situation for me that the girl whom i got to marry knows riding a bike but i don't. she took the charge soon and mstart moving towards hostel , i was speechless, we soon reaches to our destination, she leaves me and turn back to her home.
To avoid such a shameful situation i ask my friends to teach me bike riding but despite my best efforts i was unable to ride a bike. so i compromise the situation and start to sit on back seat soon i pass out college and get a job while rashmi continue study . our affair is still continue we meet and have fun but the only thing was different is that she is rider while i have to sit on her back.
after rashmi pass out i also provide a job to her in our office so we both came together, people make fun of me that i was sitting back on motorcycle of my girlfriend but i got habit of all that.
one day i told my mother that i am going to marry rashmi she refuses because she didn't like that her son sits behind his wife. she ask me whether to learn bike riding or to forgot rashmi. i told the whole situation to rashmi she ask me that she has a friend neena who teach her riding bike will help us.
we meet neena she is very tall and strong girl , she teaces karate in a school and rides a bullet and she is true biker. she ask me that she teaches only girls but for sake of our love she get ready to teach me also.
on the next she meets me on a scooty and ask me ride it first . i start riding it and start taking fun . after three days she came on motorcycle and ask me to start it but i was unable to do so. she sitted as pillion to me and start the bike and told me about gear clutch brake and all other basic things.i soon get started riding slowly she told me where to change gears , apply brake , blow horn etc.
once she took me towards crowed roads i enjoy riding suddenly i saw a car rushing towards me i loss my control and close my eyes thinking that car hits me but neena suddenly takes control from me and passes the way . she was riding so comfortably even i adult man like me sitting in front of her . many people sees this lovely scene where a lady teaches a adult male like me riding bike. after a month with great effort of neena i start riding bike alone.
i took rashmi to meet my mother while i was riding and rashmi was sitting as traditional indian girl on back of wife. my mother soon agreed for marry , cards get ready and we soon reaches to neena to deliver the first invitation card of our marrige.

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